10/26/2010 - Video

Picked By The Root

Shot in our favorite abandoned warehouse space, this tune is a recent addition to our repertoire…learned it just a few days ago!   Factory fresh!

Is it common where you come from to laugh at losers in love?

10/5/2010 - Audio

Antebellum Tree (OG Mix)

Here’s the original basement demo I recorded when writing this song.  Wait’ll you hear what we’re doing with it live!

8/4/2010 - Audio

Being Borned Again

Here’s another song written on the road…this one from a friend’s backyard in the Isle of Palms just outside Charleston, SC. 

I sure do love apples.

8/3/2010 - Audio


Sloppy, funky, ragged and worn…ain’t that life? 

Ain’t it also your favorite pair of pants?

All my fibers sing!

8/2/2010 - Audio

Apple Like A Wrecking Ball

Here’s a song that first showed up in the H&H world back when we were making our first record.  For whatever reason, we abandoned it pretty early in the process, and it’s since remained filed away in our collective subconscious…till now!  We’re looking forward to introducing this old friend of ours to you.

Thematically, it’s a tiered response to the problem of responsibility with respect to the variables of intention and appearances.  Special thanks to Michael Pollan’s “The Botany Of Desire” for initial inspiration in the retelling of the Johnny Appleseed legend.  Read it!

7/21/2010 - Video

Why Would You Not Want To Go There? (Live at the Winnipeg Folk Festival in Manitoba)

3 months and many miles between our last post and this one. Sorry for the delay, folks. We’re still working in the woodshed, for sure. For this particular tune, we have Tom Bendel pounding on some drums and Todd Erk riding the electric bass…told you changes are afoot!

This tune comes to you from a realm of the fantastical that skirts up against reality. It’s a world of implausibility, full of possibility, evoking yet again the words handed down to Sage Costner, “If you build it…”

These hands have a lot of building to do.

4/21/2010 - Video

Off To Sea I Go - A sea shanty for the landlocked.  Where do you go when you can’t be where you are?

This song was about a week old when i performed it at the Tin Angel April 9th.  An old friend, Jeff Campbell, had come back to town to play a show and asked if I’d join him on stage for some tunes.  In the course of events that followed, this happened.

Special thanks to Doug Seymour for capturing the moment.

Timing is a friend you must know.

4/21/2010 - Video

Antebellum Tree - This one’s been knocking around our live set for a while now.  During a particularly long and uneventful drive on tour this past February we attempted to multi-track the song in the van.  For the curious, instruments recorded closer to the engine tend to be obscured by the process of combustion.  Duly noted.

Although the final product sounded more like our van than our band, we did manage to capture a video of the very first track to be recorded during said session, and we present it here.  Take a ride.

As for origins, this song presented itself over the course of a conversation I was having with a twisted old tree in Athens, Georgia. 

4/19/2010 - Video

"the photograph is still"